preeflow® eco-DUO

preeflow® eco-DUO

preeflow® eco-DUO

Two component mixing and dispensing system from preeflow: The first purely volumetric dispensing system for precise mixing and applicating minimum quantities of 2-component fluids and pastes. With targeted controlling of the single components the mixing ratio can be adjusted up to the second place after the decimal point. Independent from viscosity fluctuations, a clean and process reliable dosing can be achieved.

Controlled thread breakage, thanks to the suck-back effect, and other functions, distinguish the preeflow mixing dispenser of the eco-DUO series. With their simple and safe operation, the 2 part dispensing systems can be used flexibly. Experience precise mechanics combined with the latest digital control unit.
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Smallest dosing quantity: 0.005 ml

Adjustable dosing flow: 0.1 – 6.6 ml/min

Weight: ca. 1,100 g


The eco-DUO330 precision-volume dosing unit made by preeflow doses the smallest of quantities which until now have not been achieved. 

Theory of function

The preeflow eco-DUO330 is a rotating, perfectly pressure-tight, positive displacement system with self-sealing rotor-stator arrangement. Conveyance action by material  displacement in the stator through controlled rotor movement. Safe conveyance without any modification to the material. With its suck back option, the mixing dispenser ensures a clean and controlled material or medium cut-off while preventing post-dripping effects.



The control unit eco-CONTROL EC200-DUO from preeflow offers a wide range of applications for high-precision two component dispensing systems.


Theory of function

The control unit eco-CONTROL EC200-DUO has been developed and tested for accurate work with the preeflow high-precision, volumetric, 2 component dispensers. The control unit has a variety of configuration options to dosing quantity, mixing ratio and dispensing time.

All production-related values can be stored and changed at any time. The operation takes place over an intuitive user guidance using a graphical user interface. An integrated pressure control ensures the optimum process safety of the system. There is also the possibility of data exchange with a USB interface.